LexisNexis Launches Online Service for Taxation Practitioners

LexisNexis UK, a provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, has launched TolleyLibrary, an online service allowing practitioners to access a wealth of taxation information. Comprised of multiple tools and platforms that are navigated through one user-friendly interface, TolleyLibrary was specifically built for and in consultation with UK tax professionals.

The importance of having quick and easy access to trusted information in the taxation profession is paramount. Accountants and tax advisers work under huge amounts of pressure with large volumes of complex work and tight deadlines. TolleyLibrary helps manage these twin burdens by dramatically reducing the amount of time spent on research by equipping users with authoritative content across various resources and platforms.

Chris Jones, tax director at LexisNexis, said: “After extensive research and partnership work with leading tax professionals and accountants, we have developed the TolleyLibrary online service that is designed with the needs of the customer in mind. We understand that busy professionals need quick and easy access to the extensive and trusted online content of Butterworths and Tolley.”


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