FRSGlobal Launches Web Versions of its Solutions

FRSGlobal, part of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, a worldwide provider of compliance and risk management solutions for the financial services industry, has launched web-based versions of its solutions to enable multiple audiences access to risk and regulatory reporting functionality online. The technology builds on FRSGlobal’s proven web-based risk management solutions, providing one integrated view of the organisation from any web browser, anywhere, at any time.

The FRSGlobal new Java–based functionality encompasses flexible dashboarding technology and an online analytical processing (OLAP) cube, allowing users to view, slice, and dice results of risk and regulatory reporting data, making analysis easier and more flexible. Over 2011, FRSGlobal plans to add further functionality to its web-enabled technology, including the addition of advanced user work flow management and data workflow management.

Wolfgang Prinz, vice president product management, said: “The launch of this new technology will allow our customer base to achieve detailed insight into their business whenever and wherever they are, which will in turn increase productivity across the business. We are seeing strong take up for our web-enabled technology from our existing customer base and expect this to increase as the global mobile workforce continues to grow.”


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