HSBC Launches 14th Guide to Treasury Management in Asia-Pacific

HSBC has launched the 14th edition of HSBC’s ‘Guide to Cash, Supply Chain and Treasury Management in Asia Pacific’. The guide is a trusted resource for professionals, containing valuable editorial contributions from recognised experts across the region covering key topics such as risk management, best practices and trends in cash management.

In 2010, Asia was thrust into the global spotlight when focus shifted from traditional markets to emerging economies. Fuelled by fast growing countries, such as China and India, along with the continued internationalisation of the renminbi (RMB), Asia has firmly cemented its position as a linchpin in the global economy.

John Laurens, head of global payments and cash management, Asia-Pacific, said: “Much has changed over the past year. We have seen increased pace in the shift of global economic activity eastwards. Global trade figures highlight not only economic growth, but continued growth through and beyond the global financial crisis across the faster growing emerging markets. As a result, the traditional assumption that these markets are dependent upon consumption in OECD countries for their growth now looks increasingly obsolete. These global economic trends are reflected in a variety of articles throughout the guide.”


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