PayItGreen to Launch Seal of Approval Programme at NACHA Conference

PayItGreen, a coalition led by NACHA, the electronic payments association, will introduce the PayItGreen Seal of Approval at the 2011 NACHA Payments conference from 3-6 April. The PayItGreen Seal of Approval recognises organisations for excellence in removing paper from the process of statements, payments, and bills.

Businesses and financial institutions awarded the PayItGreen Seal of Approval have met specific criteria in their commitment to removing paper from the financial industry, and by doing so, have made a positive environmental impact. The seal provides third-party acknowledgement of the achievements of the organisation.

“The PayItGreen Seal of Approval is a natural extension of PayItGreen’s mission,” said NACHA president and chief executive officer (CEO) Janet Estep. “Currently, PayItGreen provides organisations with tools to demonstrate the positive impact of electronic bills, statements, and payments. With the Seal of Approval, organisations receive unbiased recognition of their success with green initiatives.”


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