Printec and Transoft Partner on Cash Management Solutions

Printec Group has partnered with Transoft International, a provider of currency supply chain management software solutions, to enhance its offering in the transaction automation field. As a result, Printec will offer financial institutions in southeastern Europe a suite of specialised solutions that automate the process of managing cash requirements across the banking network.

Printec provides OptiSuite, a currency management solution that allows banks to achieve just-in-time cash on-hand in all cash points across their organisation. Through a three–tiered approach involving forecasting, optimisation, and automation, OptiSuite considers the factors related to cash management and makes intelligent suggestions which in effect will lower the costs of managing cash requirements for the bank. Transoft solutions provide significant recurring cost savings that are the result of applying statistical analysis, as well as daily balancing of all cost components, to determine the optimum cash-holding position, by ATM, branch, vault and cash depot.

Through this agreement with Transoft, Printec customers will be able to automate their cash forecasting, ordering, tracking and monitoring in order to optimise currency requirements and handling costs, drastically reducing expenses and improving operational efficiency.

“Recognising the significance of cash management in our customers’ efforts for operational efficiencies in today’s difficult global economic environment, we are very happy to team up with Transoft International,” said Vassilis Mathioudakis, product development and marketing director, Printec. “Our enhanced offering will enable our customers to remain competitive by reducing risk and costs, maximising savings while remaining compliant with central bank policies.”


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