Farécla Products Selects Epicor’s ERP to Replace all Systems

Farécla Products, a manufacturer and supplier to the automotive refinishing trade, has selected the Epicor 9 next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution as part of a business transformation project to support the company’s growth and current turnover of £15m.

Farécla Products has five sites globally and is headquartered in the UK. The company is bucking the trend of the global economy, consistently achieving double-digit annual revenue growth, but it has now reached a point where its current systems could hold it back from future growth, rather than enable it.

“We use separate systems to manage areas such as finance, CRM [customer relationship management], stock planning, inventory and export control,” said Jeff Kipling, finance director at Farécla. “We’ve seen consistent growth for many years and have simply grown out of the systems we currently use. We needed a new solution that would allow our staff to be more efficient and focus on adding value, rather then spending a disproportionate amount of time keying and re-keying data. By giving our staff the right systems and processes we believe we can achieve greater growth.”

Epicor will allow Farécla to manage all of its business processes and data from a single solution, which includes a product inventory consisting of thousands of lines. Currently, data often needs to be entered in several systems separately, and some processes such as forecasting are managed completely offline. Additional functional benefits include the seamless integration with the Microsoft Office suite and the manufacturing resource planning (MRP) module to enable scenario-based forecasting and production management.

Farécla reviewed 10 different ERP solutions before choosing Epicor. Key selection criteria included the impressive out of the box functionality, high level of adaptability without product customisation, intuitive look and feel, and simplicity of operation.


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