Virgin Atlantic Selects OB10’s E-invoicing Solution

Virgin Atlantic Airways has selected OB10’s electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) solution to streamline the company’s global invoice process management, initially focused on their UK and US operations. This will include OB10’s enhanced services, including purchase order (PO) delivery, invoice validation and invoice status check.

Another feature of the OB10 Service includes OBactive, OB10’s best practice supplier enrolment. With the global scope of Virgin Atlantic, it is vital that suppliers can be enrolled and supported in their local language. OB10 has a multinational team that communicates in many languages and understands the way local businesses operate, creating a global, uncomplicated support network.

Andrew Walker, head of procurement, Virgin Atlantic, said: “It is an ongoing objective to make our business leaner, more efficient and environmentally responsible. We use a vast number of different suppliers, large and small, so the ability to deliver and pay invoices quickly and accurately using OB10’s network is invaluable to the invoice to pay process. Furthermore, the vast reduction in paper invoices that this will create is a very positive by-product of adopting OB10’s e-Invoicing solution and a hugely substantial benefit to the environment.”


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