Unit4 and Albany Partner to Facilitate Accurate Bank Payments

Albany Software, a developer of electronic payment (e-payment) solutions, has partnered with Unit4 Business Software to provide Agresso Business World (ABW) users with the secure and accredited web-based bank account validation tool – Albany eVerify.

eVerify will be integrated directly into the Agresso solution and offered to Unit4 customers as an online service. The solution will automatically check and validate supplier bank account details as they are entered into the Agresso system to avoid payment errors and unnecessary administration. The system will instantly alert users to incorrect bank account details at point of entry rather than the problem being found later when a payment cannot be made.

Adrian Stafford-Jones, managing director at Albany Software, said: “Comprehensive data validation is imperative in order to achieve quick and successful payments and to reduce costs associated with payment failures. eVerify performs fast and accurate validation at the touch of a button, significantly reducing error rates, meaning fewer bank charges and faster completion of funds transfers.”


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