FTSE Goes Mobile with Real-time iPhone Application

FTSE Group, an index provider, has launched an iPhone application, FTSE App, which streams real-time index values direct to users. With FTSE’s streaming service, continuous changes to the underlying stock prices are automatically captured in the real-time index value. The service provides iPhone users with direct insight into real-time market activity, wherever they may be.

By accessing FTSE’s streaming real-time service via the FTSE App, users are able to track over 50 individual country indices and keep abreast of market conditions as they change. Now, users can make faster and better informed investment decisions using a broad range of FTSE indices, including the FTSE 100, FTSE MIB, FTSE All-world (covering 95% of the world’s investable universe) and FTSE China 25 indices. The FTSE APP can provide global, regional, country or capitalisation specific views.

The application is pre-loaded with two years of historical data, allowing users to see market trends and performance. With index data now available on-the-go, iPhone users can stay on top of market activity from any location.

“We wanted to give people direct and mobile access to live index data, making the markets as accessible and transparent as possible through intuitive design and innovative technology. The new FTSE APP means that for the first time, users can benefit from a direct connection to live FTSE data on-the-go” said John White, managing director of content management at FTSE. “We are proud to be the first global index provider to provide streaming real-time index values direct to a mobile device, providing relevant information needed in order to stay on top of market moves, no matter where the iPhone user is, or what they are doing.”


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