HSBC Completes SWIFT Bank Readiness Programme in Asia and Europe

HSBC has completed the SWIFT Bank Readiness Certification Programme in Asia and Europe. SWIFT launched the programme in December 2010 to give corporate customers insight into the SWIFT readiness of their banking partners.

As part of the accreditation programme, HSBC staff underwent comprehensive training and examination led by SWIFT experts. The sessions provided HSBC teams with a detailed understanding of the implementation and integration of SWIFT solutions including cash and treasury management messaging, SWIFTNet services, security and associated SWIFT standards.

“This innovative approach, piloted by HSBC, has allowed SWIFT to develop a new certification programme. HSBC recognised that the value of their integration teams being ‘certified’ by SWIFT would be beneficial to their clients,” said Michael King, global client director for HSBC, SWIFT. “HSBC is confident that its corporate clients will see an improved integration experience when connecting to SWIFT under the SCORE model.”


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