Italian Interior Ministry and SIA-SSB Agree on IT Crime Prevention

The Italian Department of Public Security has signed an agreement with SIA-SSB, the major infrastructure of the Italian banking system, to boost efforts to prevent and combat computer crimes against SIA-SSB’s IT systems.

The agreement, with an initial duration of three years, was in compliance with the Interior Ministry Decree of 9 January 2008, which identified the critical IT infrastructures of national interest, namely IT and electronic systems managed by public or private organisations operating in fundamental sectors for the country.

The agreement aims to develop a collaborative plan based on procedures to prevent and combat criminal and terrorist attacks on SIA-SSB’s IT systems that manage banking and financial services, thus contributing to enhancing the efficiency of the Italian national system in this sector.

From the operational viewpoint, a direct link will also be activated between SIA-SSB and the Postal and Communications Police’s CNAIPIC – the National Computer Crime Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures.


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