Sutherland and Tyfone Partner to Increase Adoption of Mobile Services

Sutherland Global Services, a business process outsourcer (BPO), has partnered with Tyfone, a provider of unified mobile secure transaction infrastructure for mobile banking, mobile identity management and mobile contactless near field communication (NFC) payments.

The partnership combines Sutherland’s financial services domain expertise and global presence with Tyfone’s proven ability to deliver mobile financial services and mobile payments functionality on a single platform – extending any banking product to any mobile phone on any operating system over any network. The Sutherland-Tyfone combination also provides a means for delivering NFC contactless payment capabilities to customers via Tyfone’s u4ia pre-integrated mobile financial services platform.

“The financial services ecosystem is quickly changing and the ability to recognise and adapt to customer needs and demands plays a vital role in Sutherland’s success in the industry,” said Dilip Vellodi, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Sutherland Global Services. “Tyfone’s technology innovation in the mobile banking industry and expertise in helping financial institutions to leverage the benefits of the mobile platform perfectly complements Sutherland’s specialised services in various financial services segments.”


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