ICD Enhances Transparency Plus MMF Exposure Application

Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD), a large independent money market fund (MMF) portal, has released Transparency Plus 2.0, ICD’s advanced money market exposure analytics application.

Driven by corporate treasurers’ demand for a more comprehensive, geographical view of risk exposure in their portfolios, the major enhancements to version 2.0 are engineered to uncover global credit exposure identified by country, in a fraction of the time previously taken to generate such data.

Key functionalities:

  • Country exposure report: provides a powerful and intuitive way of managing consolidated, on-demand MMF portfolio exposure to specific countries using a visual display of quantitative information. This dynamic report publishes a world map with portfolio country concentration expressed in darker to lighter tints depending on their rank. Key to the report is a list of countries ranked from greatest fund concentration to the least.
  • Country exposure search: delivers dynamic, in-depth fund holdings analytics by country. The functionality is available now for ICD clients on ICD’s online Transparency Plus 2.0 portal application.
  • Transparency Plus management system: introduces a professional complement to corporate treasury’s end-of-month comprehensive reports and other fund activity throughout the year. Integral to ICD’s MMF investment ‘best practices’ strategy is establishing risk management archives – fund position reports that become the base line of investment activity, policy compliance, and decision-support – while providing treasury departments with ongoing historical investment reference. The new country exposure report is now part of the monthly Transparency Plus Comprehensive Report that is custom-prepared and exclusively distributed to ICD clients monthly.

“Version 2.0 enables corporations to dynamically manage their credit exposure globally, on a country by country basis,” said Jeff Jellison, chief executive officer (CEO), North America, ICD. “Our on-demand, fund exposure analytics and reporting capabilities make it possible, for the first time, to streamline most of the manual investment analysis and due diligence that is currently overwhelming treasury departments. Our biggest clients were the earliest adopters – many running exposure analytics with the Transparency Plus Beta release beginning in June 2010. Industry response to Transparency Plus has been phenomenal. Treasury professionals are recognising the necessity of exposure analytics and are also seeing the far-reaching capabilities that 2.0 has to offer.”


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