EC Launches Questionnaire on E-signatures

The European Commission (EC) has launched a public consultation on electronic signatures (e-signatures). The purpose of this public consultation is to provide input for policymakers on how electronic identification (eID), authentication and signatures can contribute to deliver the European digital single market. The existing legislation and the established policy landscape are challenged by new factors and technological innovation. In the context of the implementation of the Digital Agenda for Europe, this debate will help understanding what is needed to create the optimal conditions for their use across the EU.

This questionnaire is targeted at key players from civil society, industry, business sector, academia and public administrations closely involved in the development and deployment of eID, e-authentication and e-signatures. The EC wants industry players to share their expertise and express their views on the aspects of these areas on which the EC needs to act in order to generate an environment adapted to address the challenges ahead.

The consultation process is open until 15 April 2011.


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