Creditsafe Launches Linkages Solution to Facilitate Company Identification

Creditsafe, the business intelligence firm, has launched a new linkages solution, which offers enhanced visibility of a company’s group structure and ownership across Europe. The solution has been developed to resolve a common complaint that it is often difficult to clarify company ownership structures, which are notoriously complicated as businesses often use several holding or shell companies for reasons such as tax mitigation or asset protection. Too many enterprises are deliberately structured to make it difficult to establish their true financial position.

Creditsafe developed the linkages solution to deliver improved risk mitigation for its customers when trading with European businesses with a cross-border structure. Customers can now easily identify businesses that are directly or indirectly linked to an enterprise – securing immediate access to credit ratings and proposed credit limits.

David Knowles, business development director at Creditsafe, said: “We are delighted to introduce a solution that will further strengthen our customers’ ability to make informed decisions based on comprehensive business intelligence. In a single unified environment customers can identify parent companies and subsidiaries of a trading partner along with the sometimes ‘hidden’ enterprises that are linked indirectly. Unlike competitor products in the marketplace, customers can access reports illustrating the entirety of a European business’ operations without paying for a multitude of individual reports to build up a broader picture on an expanded enterprise.”

The solution was initially launched by Creditsafe in Germany and will be available for UK customers by the end of January before being rolled out across the rest of Creditsafe’s home markets over the next few months.


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