Citi Expands TreasuryVision for Internal Lending

Citi Global Transaction Services (GTS) has launched a new module within its TreasuryVision portal that simplifies how companies manage internal lending relationships between their legal entities. TreasuryVision is a web-based treasury management platform that provides a single window for global visibility into aggregated account information for cash, investments and debt. Corporations use it to view cash positions, create cash flow forecasts and manage global liquidity and counterparty risks more effectively.

The new module allows treasury departments to centralise activities related to intercompany lending between legal entities. By capturing funding activity in one globally accessible on-line system, it also streamlines the tracking and reporting of financial flows and makes it easier to control and monitor related activities.

“Intercompany lending is an important source of funding for global firms. A well-run programme gives a company greater control over funding sources, tax liabilities, repatriation and foreign exchange exposures, all of which reduce its risk profile.” said Elyse Weiner, global head of liquidity and investments with Citi GTS.


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