Hertel Uses Vallstein for New Banking Strategy

Global industrial services company Hertel is using Vallstein’s WalletSizing services to determine a new banking strategy. With the impact of the credit crunch having severely disrupted the global economy and financial services landscape, Hertel faced the challenge of having to restructure its banking relationships as the company had been left with ineffective and unsuitable banking services. In order to evaluate the market and understand what bank relationship management (BRM)-strategy would work best, Hertel turned to Vallstein for business intelligence and its WalletSizing technology.

Leveraging the WalletSizing solution and concept, Vallstein helped Hertel to identify suitable banking partners, as well as providing an actionable analysis of Hertel’s treasury business, including full transparency on banking revenues and risks. This enabled Hertel to position the value of its own wallet, i.e. what value the company posed and how attractive the company was to a bank. With the support of Vallstein, Hertel was able to define and implement its new banking strategy for financing, cash (working capital) and risk management on an international basis.

“What is so unique about Vallstein, is the combination of banking expertise and a proven software solution that offers rock solid information on pricing, rates and risks of our banking landscape,” said Gentianna Weeda, head of treasury at Hertel. “With information and support from Vallstein, we were able to quickly determine our bank of choice as well as to negotiate an effective price and rate structure.”


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