Visa Europe and Wireless Dynamics Develop iPhone Contactless Payments

Visa Europe and Wireless Dynamics have developed a mobile contactless payment solution that will bring Visa contactless payments to iPhone users across Europe. iPhone users simply attach the Wireless Dynamics iCarte accessory, available through their bank or mobile operator, to their iPhone and download the companion Visa Mobile application for iCarte App from the App Store.

The iCarte accessory contains an antenna and an embedded secure element where the Visa mobile card is safely stored. This ‘card’, in turn, works with an app from the App Store to enable payments on the iPhone. Once the Visa mobile card is activated, consumers can start making purchases by simply launching the app and touching their iPhone on any contactless-enabled point of sale terminal across Europe, without the need to enter their PIN.

Sandra Alzetta, senior vice president (SVP), head of innovation at Visa Europe, said: “It’s clear from trials across Europe that mobile contactless payment is a strong and compelling customer proposition. Visa recognises that consumers who use smart phones like iPhone are more likely to be early adopters of advanced payment technology. Given that the availability of a wide range of mobile devices supporting contactless services remains a key hurdle for take-up, we are overcoming this by bringing the capability to the iPhones already in their pockets.”


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