Siberian Coal Energy Integrates Production, Transportation and Finance

Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), Russia’s largest coal producer association, has selected River Logic’s Integrated Business Planner (IBP), a planning application for fully integrating financials with sales and operations planning (SOP). IBP will be used to integrate SUEK’s production, transportation, marketing, and financial planning processes. Through advanced analytics, what-ifs, and optimisation, SUEK will have the ability to plan monthly, quarterly, half-year, and annually, determining outcomes and optimising financial performance for the company.

“We were attracted to the flexibility of IBP. We can determine things such as how to: model blends of coals; customise multi-criteria optimisation; and simulate financial flows,” said Alexey Dmitrochenko, head of UPIDR, SUEK. “We expect our transition to IBP to streamline efforts for determining realistic plans for the company and in shorter time.”


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