Nestlé USA Selects Data Impact to Expand Electronic Invoicing

Nestlé USA has selected Data Impact to provide electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) technology. Nestlé will leverage Data Impact’s EIPPPlus solution to supplement its current electronic data interchange (EDI) process.

Data Impact’s EIPPPlus platform provides Nestlé with a scalable solution that will enable a much larger percentage of its customers – particularly those without the technical or financial resources to deploy EDI – to realise the advantages of electronic invoicing and payment. Data Impact’s EIPPPlus the first comprehensive integration of electronic invoice presentment, payment and online document repository capability. Its modular design and software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery enable customers to fundamentally alter the accounts receivable (A/R) transaction cycle and streamline the path to payment.

“A company of Nestlé’s size naturally has a very large and diverse customer base, ranging from large international distributors and retailers to smaller, entrepreneurial ventures,” said Pete Knox, head of Nestlé USA credit and A/R administration. “Data Impact’s EIPPPlus allows us to quickly implement a scalable solution that will allow a greater number of our customers to realize the benefits that our EDI customers have enjoyed for years – and for Nestlé to further streamline our A/R function and achieve accelerated cash.”


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