Ixaris Launches Payment Application to Automate Corporate Purchasing

Ixaris, a global electronic payments company, has launched Opn Card Guardian, a payment application that automates the corporate purchasing process through one-time-use virtual Visa cards. Developers and businesses can integrate corporate purchasing functionality into third party procurement systems without having to partner with a financial institution or integrate with a card processor.

Using Opn Card Guardian, any type of firm, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to global enterprises, can issue their employees with company-branded open loop virtual Visa cards that are pre-loaded with funds and configured in various ways to ensure that purchases comply with internal expense control arrangements. This level of financial control gives organisations the ability to take advantage of online purchasing through Visa cards while reducing reconciliation discrepancies and unauthorised purchases.

Alex Mifsud, chief executive officer (CEO) of Ixaris, said: “Gone are the days when sharing the corporate credit card details with numerous and often transient staff is the only option for business to take advantage of online purchasing. Organisations now have the ability to extend their purchase and expense control arrangements with a card purchasing option that does not compromise on financial control and oversight. Any business with a basic intranet can incorporate the payments innovation that Opn Card Guardian offers easily within their site, so it is as simple to implement as it is to use.”


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