Taxand Expands into the Caribbean

Taxand has announced Taxand Curaçao as part of its continued expansion. This addition means that Taxand is now represented in 48 countries and for the first time in the Caribbean.

Curaçao became the first fiscal offshore jurisdiction in the 1950s and has become a respected and important player in the field of international tax planning, particularly favoured by investment companies and hedge funds.

Curaçao’s legal system offers many favourable tax planning opportunities, such as the Private Foundation, comprehensive e-zone legislation and the tax exempt limited liability company structure that allows profits on financial transactions and licensing of IP and industrial property to be tax free.

Taxand Curaçao was formed as the result of a merger of two local tax law firms, led by Peter Muller and Judith Brewster. Muller started his career as a tax lawyer with the ‘big four’, later moving to Curaçao to work for a major international tax firm before starting his own practice. Brewster is also a practising tax lawyer with experience working for the ‘big four’ and key tax law firms.

Taxand Curaçao provides multi-disciplinary tax and legal services to multinationals and local clients with a major focus on international tax, corporate tax, real estate tax, acquisitions, disposals and individual tax.


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