txtNation Supports Mobile Payments in the Nordics

txtNation, a mobile payments and solution provider, has launched local support in the Nordics, starting with an initial roll-out in Denmark and Sweden. This support in Denmark will comply with the regulator, Rammeaftalen, and in Sweden for compliance with the Morgan Code of Conduct service requirements for mobile payments and SMS Short Code Billing. txtNation is one of the first mobile aggregators to ensure this is in place.

Local language support for end users and customers will be available, including fast track customer assistance online, meaning customers who have a query can resolve online via txtNation’s support platform, txtNation SD, without support involvement on the phone.

Michael Whelan, director of txtNation, said: “Mobile payments in Scandinavia is blossoming and in accordance with keeping up with regulations for premium rate services, we have decided to go one stage further put a physical presence in these markets to handle the support, dedicated to the job of assisting customers.”


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