ICD Expands into Canadian Market

Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD), an independent institutional money market products and services company, has expanded its distribution and sales coverage outside the US, Europe and Asia, into Canada. The effort in Canada is being led by Jim Etten, a 14-year veteran of the cash investment business, with a decade of experience working with Canadian corporations.

Global corporate treasury departments are readily adopting electronic trading portals to efficiently place their core and operating cash. Canadian corporations are some of North America’s most profitable and dynamic companies, and they are increasingly looking for the same short-term investment services and products that US and European-based corporations have been using through ICD for over eight years. ICD is the only registered independent portal distributor in Canada, which allows the firm to conduct business in major Canadian cities, including Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver, operating under an international dealer license.

“Canadian corporations have been early adopters of many of the best technology practices in treasury, and using a web-based portal to effectively consolidate their investment needs follows that trend,” Etten said.


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