Standard Chartered Uses Roadshow to Promote RMB Products and Services

Standard Chartered Bank has launched a series of seminars on offshore renminbi (RMB) in Hong Kong (CNH). The initiative caters to meet mounting interest from corporate clients for offshore RMB-related products and services spurred by liberalisation of the RMB currency.

With an aim to keep its clients abreast of all latest trends, regulatory changes and new capabilities in relation to the ever-changing CNH market, Standard Chartered will bring the seminars to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Guangzhou and Shenzhen between 17 January and 22 February. The roadshow, with the theme of ‘New Developments in CNH (Offshore RMB) Market’, will cover an array of topics including CNH overview, cross-border trade settlement, RMB trading and bond offerings in Hong Kong, as well as hedging and investment opportunities. The seminars are expected to attract 500 corporate clients.

John Thang, Standard Chartered’s managing director and regional head of financial markets sales of northeast Asia, said the roadshow is a response to the tremendous enquiries received by the bank from corporate clients, who are keen to explore opportunities to ride their businesses on the growing popularity of RMB worldwide and new CNH capabilities in the market.

“The roadshow is expected to draw an overwhelming response from clients. Since the liberalisation of the RMB currency, corporate clients see the need to keep themselves abreast with the fast-changing CNH landscape, just so they can stay ahead of the game,” said Thang. “With the ongoing development of both offshore and onshore RMB markets, the CNH sector will be met with changes and opportunities. We will conduct more roadshows for clients as we see fit in the future.”


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