Nikon UK and Citi Prepaid Services Launch Rewards Programme

Nikon UK, a Japanese based multinational consumer electronics company, will partner with Citi Prepaid Services for their UK consumer cash-back programme. Citi will provide a Nikon-branded Visa prepaid card solution to customers who purchase a Nikon product with an associated cash-back promotion.

For years, Nikon UK has been running customer cash-back promotions with cheques as the method of payment. Cheque payments posed limitations for both Nikon and its customers as they provided no opportunity for Nikon branding or an ability to cross-sell other Nikon products. Consumers were also inconvenienced because they needed to cash cheques and potentially wait several days to collect their funds.

By switching to Citi’s prepaid card solution, Nikon’s customers will now receive a custom Nikon-branded Visa rewards card. Cardholders will be able to use their Nikon Rewards Card immediately anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide, giving them the flexibility to spend their funds as they wish. When consumers do spend their funds, they will now have a brand impact with Nikon every time they use their card.

Jeremy Gilbert, group marketing manager at Nikon UK, said: “Citi’s prepaid card solution will enhance our cash-back programmes by replacing cheques with a fully branded Nikon Visa Prepaid card that further extends marketing opportunities for the brand. Consumers can spend their funds immediately at millions of Visa merchants around the world and when they do spend their funds, they will have a brand association with Nikon. We feel our customers will greatly benefit from a flexible and convenient payment solution.”


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