UK FS Sector Evenly Split on Staying or Leaving EU, Finds CISI

There is an even split within the financial services sector over whether the UK would be better off economically by remaining in the EU or leaving the union of 27 countries, a Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) survey shows.

Of more than 500 respondents, 51% say the UK should stay put within the community while the other 49% feel the country would benefit by quitting the EU.

One supporter of the UK remaining in the EU warned: “It would be a great tragedy not just for the UK, but future world stability if the country left the EU.”

“For better or for worse our destiny lies in closer integration with Europe” and “The EU has better bargaining strength than the UK alone” were among further views.

Putting the other side of the argument a respondent said: “We’re an entrepreneurial lot (shopkeepers according to Napolean). The UK economy would make progress outside EU control.”

Other comments included: “If it left, the UK would not be required to comply with EU directives which drag down its economy” and “Savings from leaving and no longer paying into the EU would outweigh the trade losses.”


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