Foregenix Launches PCI DSS Training Service

Digital forensics and incident response specialists, Foregenix, has launched independent information security training courses aimed at helping businesses to become Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.

Beginning in January 2011, Foregenix will offer a variety of courses aimed at both technical and non-technical members of staff. The company will offer a one-day overview course on PCI DSS for non-technical staff to gain a better understanding of what PCI DSS compliance is and what makes a successful compliance programme. In addition, Foregenix will offer longer, customised, more in-depth assessment training and planning workshops aimed at PCI DSS and technical administrators.

Industry expert, Philip Whittaker, will head up the training services division. Whittaker brings more than 10 years experience in PCI DSS compliance and training to Foregenix. He specialises in large compliance projects involving acquiring banks, payment service providers (PSPs) and retail organisations, and most recently worked as a PCI DSS subject matter expert within a FTSE 100 company.

“Foregenix is committed to helping business comply with PCI DSS regulations, but we understand that the process can be complicated and cumbersome,” said Benj Hosack, director at Foregenix. “Philip’s appointment has enabled us to develop a dedicated programme of training services that will help organisations to understand and manage their PCI DSS compliance and feel confident that their customer data is secure.”


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