Banco Internacional Selects Surecomp’s Front-to-back Trade Finance Solution

Banco Internacional of Ecuador, a member of the IF Group, has licensed Surecomp’s Java-based trade finance solution. Based on the agreement, Banco Internacional will deploy allTRA, a Java J2EE trade finance back office system, and allNETT, a Java J2EE web-based trade finance front end system.

“Banco Internacional has long been viewed as a technology leader in Ecuadorian banking. A major priority in selecting a comprehensive trade finance solution was speedy implementation, low future maintenance, and the ability to grow the solution as the bank expands,” said Patricio Patiño, vice president and assistant general manager of Banco Internacional. “Following an intense and detailed evaluation of market options, Banco Internacional concluded that Surecomp’s offering was superior in all respects to other available solutions.”


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