Unipart Merchandise Automates with Direct Debit Limited’s PayCentre

Unipart Merchandise, a subsidiary of leading logistics provider The Unipart Group, has saved up to £50,000 a year by choosing Direct Debit Limited’s (DDL) PayCentre to automate its direct debit processes and ensure compliance with scheme rules.

Unipart Merchandise, which provides clothing and other promotional goods for customers, including Jaguar and Land Rover, has reduced the time it spends on a typical collection run to just one hour. By deploying PayCentre to collect direct debit payments from customers, Unipart Merchandise has streamlined its processes and transactions and the company has gained better control over cashflow.

“Direct Debit Limited was recommended to us by Lloyds Bank, which had previously helped us with a bulk migration of our direct debits, and we couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Susan Cummings, financial controller at Unipart Merchandise. “Having looked at other software, we are pleased to be working with Direct Debit Limited because PayCentre is the most appropriate tool for our organisation. It manages direct debit workflows, which is what you need when you’re new to this payment type.”

Cummings added: “It’s more economical to collect customer payments by direct debit and currently more than 70% of our UK clients pay this way. Since implementing Direct Debit Limited’s PayCentre, we have gained greater control of our cashflow, which saves us a huge amount of time when chasing customers for payments. It’s just incredible that I can do an entire collection run in the space of an hour. It would be very time consuming to produce the required letters manually and to insert ad hoc payment amounts, for example.”


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