Rowlands Pharmacy Rolls Out VeriFone’s Payment Devices

Rowland & Co (Retail), the UK’s third largest pharmacy chain, has rolled out 534 VeriFone Vx 810 DUET payment devices across its entire operations over a period of 18 days.

The Vx 810 DUET met Rowland’s needs in all areas:

  • Speed: customers and staff have benefitted from the Vx 810’s dual user handover functionality, which has speeded payments, reduced queues and increased ease of use.
  • Connectivity: flexible connectivity, including ethernet, USB, serial ports and, crucially for Rowlands, IP is available. It therefore integrated easily with Rowlands RX pharmacy management system, reducing complexity between front of house payments and back of house supply chain management.
  • Compliance: the terminal is Payment Card Industry PIN Entry Device (PCI PED)-approved to ensure secure PIN-based transactions.
  • Futureproof: the secure digital IO (SDIO) expansion port will allow Rowlands Pharmacy to deliver contactless capabilities with ease in the future.

“Our initial aim was to make things better for our customers. The Vx810 DUET has achieved this and more,” said StefaniaAmorese, head of indirect procurement at Rowlands. “Not only has it expedited the time spent by the customer at the till-point, it has also made our own operations much more efficient. It will link with our back-office systems and ensured quicker, smoother and less costly migration to new EPOS releases as they are introduced.

“In addition, VeriFone’s flexible platform has allowed us to accommodate the changing needs of our business. Our payments systems are now IP-enabled, fulfil PCI PED requirements and can support contactless with minimal investment, if we need to implement this in the future.”


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