BarCap Launches Limit Order Service for Government Bonds and IRS

Barclays Capital (BarCap) has launched Limit Orders on BARX Fixed Income, the firm’s online electronic trading platform for fixed income securities and derivatives. This new limit order functionality provides clients with the ability to effectively manage their strategic trades and access pools of liquidity, electronically.

Limit Orders is an automated service that allows clients to buy or sell government bonds or interest rate swaps (IRS) when a certain price is reached in the market. From an electronic trade ticket, clients can simply choose to either execute at the current price or leave an instruction for execution at a different target price. When the target price is reached, the limit order is then executed through the automated system in real-time. The new functionality combines the ease-of-access of the BARX Fixed Income platform with our sophisticated order matching technology.

“With the addition of Limit Orders to BARX Fixed Income, clients have even more control over their electronic execution of government bonds and interest rates swaps,” said Andrew Challis, head of global rates e-distribution at BarCap. “Clients are now able to use BARX Fixed Income to manage their trading strategies, in addition to their instant execution needs.”


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