Tokyo Stock Exchange Chooses Informatica for Data Integration

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is using the Informatica Platform to build a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that will integrate all data across TSE’s information systems environment.The Informatica solution enables TSE to:

  • Optimise its IT infrastructure: In integrating data across multiple TSE business teams and systems, the Informatica Platform is helping eliminate data management inefficiencies, while providing the means to centrally manage the entire organisation’s data.
  • Efficiently handle growing transaction volumes: With the Informatica Platform, TSE is able to more efficiently meet the demands of its rapidly growing transaction data volumes.
  • Leverage higher quality data: Data quality capabilities embedded in the Informatica Platform enable TSE to integrate and deliver higher quality data across systems and business processes as part of the overall data integration process.
  • Reduce IT system workloads and costs: TSE is now able to reduce redundant data and thus superfluous systems costs throughout the organisation.

TSE is taking a phased approach to using the Informatica Platform, and to creating its SOA, starting with its business-critical buy/sell evaluation system that detects illegal transactions from among the vast number of transactions processed daily by the exchange. When fully implemented, the SOA will link more than 20 information systems across the enterprise.

The installation project was completed in collaboration with Informatica partner, Kyowa Exeo Corporation.


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