Huge Potential for German Online Trade, According to E-commerce Report

The globalisation process offers huge development opportunities for German online trade, according to data compiled by Deutsche Card Services. In the E-commerce Report 2010, the Deutsche Bank subsidiary shows that, while the international business of German online shops has increased slightly, it is still small in comparison to that of their competitors in other countries. The largest development opportunities exist in business with customers from outside Europe, who initiate only 0.3% of all transactions in German shops. British online shops, in contrast, already do a quarter of their overall business with this customer group.

“Language is a key disadvantage for German online merchants in comparison to their
European competitors. A multilingual online shop would remove this hurdle,” said
Detlef Henkel, chairman of the management board of Deutsche Card Services. “If merchants want to obtain a good position in international e-commerce, they should rely on an experienced and competent payment partner, in particular with regard to reliable and proven security technologies in order to minimise potential risks in international trade.”

The E-commerce Report analyses purchasing and payment behaviour and non-payment risks in online trade and has been published since 2002.


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