SunGard Expands SGN Short-term Investment Portal for Cash Managers

SunGard has added Bank of America (BofA) Global Capital Management’s US money market funds (MMFs) to its SunGard Global Network (SGN) short-term cash management portal. SGN is a multi-currency trading and connectivity solution that helps institutional cash investors, such as corporate treasurers, local authorities and asset managers, meet their short-term investment requirements.

Investors today demand higher levels of liquidity and credit transparency combined with competitive yields. MMFs help them actively manage their portfolios while diversifying their counterparty risk. SunGard’s SGN portal provides access to research, analysis and other information on hundreds of MMFs worldwide to help meet these demands. The portal presents historical data on one platform, along with yield comparisons and filters on ratings, giving cash managers access to their investments and the ability to streamline the entire process.

Bob Ward, chief operating officer (COO) of SunGard’s wealth management business, said: “Institutional investors come to SunGard for solutions that help them connect to their valued partners, such as BofA Global Capital Management, in a fully-disclosed, transparent manner. We are pleased that the BofA Funds are now available via the SunGard Global Network.”


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