Group G4s Selects Greenstone for Carbon Management

Greenstone Carbon Management, a specialist carbon solutions company, is working with G4S, a security solutions company, to help track, manage and forecast future carbon emissions through Greenstone’s Acco2unt carbon management software. The software allows the organisation to review the impact of carbon emissions during current operations and also model and forecast emissions for any planned business growth.

G4S required an easy to use platform to delegate data collection to country and operating unit levels across the business. The Greenstone software automatically calculates carbon emissions at multiple organisational and business unit levels using both the GHG Protocol and, where relevant, national calculation methodologies. Greenstone’s solution enables G4S to apply greater focus on identifying targeted carbon reduction initiatives and meet internal and external reporting demands across the business. Acco2unt will also enable local country teams to set their own reduction targets and monitor performance over time.

Nigel Lockwood, communications manager at G4S, said: “As a large multinational organisation, managing our carbon emissions is a complex process. Acco2unt simplifies the process by allowing our environmental coordinators around the world to upload data in a consistent format to one centralised place. G4S is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and using Acco2unt significantly reduces the time spent on data capture and analysis, allowing us to increase our focus on carbon reduction activities and achieve our target. As we operate in 110 countries, we also need to be prepared for localised compliance regulations as they come into force. By working with Greenstone we can keep abreast of regulatory developments and minimise our potential compliance risk.”


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