Eazy Collect Automates Direct Debit with Direct Debit Limited’s PayCentre

Eazy Collect, a direct debit collection bureau, has implemented Direct Debit Limited’s PayCentre to automate its direct debit processes and collect payments more efficiently.

Eazy Collect uses PayCentre to manage direct debit collections from its health and leisure, charity, utility, and insurance company customers. PayCentre has enabled Eazy Collect to automate and streamline payments transactions and the company now saves up to two days a month in administrative effort. This is because the PayCentre platform handles all the administrative processes associated with direct debits. It generates letters for advance notices, unpaid items and payment schedules that employees would have created manually in the past.

“Implementing Direct Debit Limited’s PayCentre platform has greatly improved the efficiency of our collections and we’ve saved hundreds of pounds a month in administrative costs,” said Steven Hester, director, Eazy Collect. “The software gives us an up-to-date view of our collections, so we can now make business decisions with greater confidence.”


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