ABN Amro Bank Opts for CBA’s IBAS Global Trade Finance Factory

ABN Amro Bank has selected CBA’s IBAS Global Trade Finance Factory (IBAS GTF) for deployment at the bank’s headquarters in the Netherlands and across its international branches. According to the bank, the main objective is to offer highly sophisticated and flexible trade finance services to its global customers using one single system, situated in the Netherlands.

IBAS GTF has been developed from the outset to be flexible and adaptable, enabling fast implementation at banks without the need to undertake large and expensive development projects. Additionally, through the modern technology used, banks can quickly bring new products to market, in multiple geographic areas with minimum effort, time, risk and cost.

“Our priority was to find a ‘packaged’ solution that could meet a number of specific requirements. Following detailed evaluations of what IT solutions are available today, we selected the IBAS system as we are confident that IBAS and CBA can meet our needs now and in the future.” said Jos Kuijpers, head transaction banking LC & MB, of ABN Amro Bank.

“It was fundamental that the solution ran a global operation from one single IT centre, using one single set-up of the IT Solution and the expertise surrounding it. The implementation project will be carried out from our IT centre in the Netherlands, including the training of business staff for each specific country. ABN Amro is impressed so far with the wide functionality and the flexibility of IBAS GTF, and the speed at which it can be implemented. We are looking forward to a long and continued relationship,” Kuijpers added.


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