EACHA Appoints Fred Bar as President

news item…The European Automated Clearing House Association (EACHA) has elected a new board. Fred Bär (VocaLink) has been appointed as president. Other members include Harald Stern (Equens), Jose Luis Langa (Iberpay), Corrado Borsatti (ICBPI) and Jean-Pic Berry (STET).

Bär said: “EACHA has steadily developed and implemented clearing interoperability since its inception four years ago. It provides a forum that encourages members to collaborate for the benefit of the payments industry as a whole. With large-scale adoption of SEPA [single euro payments area] being the main payments industry challenge in the next three years, EACHA looks to apply the combined knowledge of its members in implementing interoperability standards to help make SEPA happen.”


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