Accountz Launches iPhone App

Accountz, a UK-based accounting software firm, has launched an iPhone application, Mobile Accountz Lite, which is designed to let users take control of their finances, spending, and expenses while on the move.

Designed and built in-house, Mobile Accountz Lite enables users to record their daily spending and track their various totals without using the internet. The software is extremely easy to use and is compatible with all existing Accountz software, including Home, Business, and Personal Accountz.

Quentin Pain, founder and chairman of Accountz, said: “Mobile Accountz Lite is something that we’ve been working on for a while and we are thrilled to finally launch it. This allows us to expand our product portfolio as well as opening up a new customer market to us. The recent spending review announcement has really put pain to the need for consumers and businesses to be even more aware as to how their finances are managed. Our aim is to provide users with a product that enables them to do this, and with Mobile Accountz Lite, we see this as the perfect complement to ensure complete control.”


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