Sybase Enhances Liquidity Management Suite

Sybase, an SAP company, has released Sybase Liquidity Management Suite (LMS), with new modules enabling native support for Sybase’s relational database management system and analytics platform. Sybase LMS consolidates payment and transaction information in real-time, across multiple systems, to provide a comprehensive enterprise-wide capability for managing operational liquidity, supporting optimal use of operating capital while minimising operation risk.

“Given the fact that business-as-usual liquidity risk management processes contributed to the financial crisis, the need for powerful, flexible and customisable LRM solutions is resoundingly clear in this post-crisis era,” said Aite Group senior analyst John Jay. “Solutions like Sybase’s Liquidity Management Suite provide a portfolio of mission-critical functionalities, which can be made operational quickly, across enterprise-wide and more granular business liquidity views to meet the current environment of risk, compliance and regulatory conservatism.”

The latest version of Sybase LMS provides enhanced capabilities for more granular intra-day liquidity risk analytics and reporting. Integrated with Sybase’s column-based database, Sybase IQ, the Sybase Liquidity Risk Manager module enables bank treasuries to track positions in real-time – from a top-of-the-house understanding of overall liquidity risk, to deep drill down for various asset classes, entities and business units.


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