Misys Extends SWIFTNet Access to Banks, Fund Managers and Corporations

Misys, an application software and services company, has expanded its SWIFTNet service bureau to any financial institution requiring SWIFTNet access. This established service has previously only been available to existing customers of the confirmation matching service and trade finance solutions from Misys.

This move underlines the company’s commitment to providing market-leading SWIFT services and extending the benefits of the SWIFT network to corporates and financial institutions of any size.

“The up-front investment required for institutions to join the SWIFT network has often prevented all but the largest from benefiting from direct access, particularly when expecting full integration with their business processes,” said Gil Bray, solutions director, Misys. “Our SWIFT services proposition removes that barrier by offering integrated SWIFTNet access as a service for corporations and financial institutions either standalone or embedded into existing Misys products. Many more customers are now able to make financial transactions more securely, at a lower cost and with a deeper level of business integration.”


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