Direct Debit Limited Launches SEPA and SWIFT Capabilities for PayCentre

Direct Debit Limited, the Bacs-approved payments-management software provider, has launched single euro payments area (SEPA) and SWIFT modules for its PayCentre, a payments management platform.

PayCentre is a modular payments platform based on Microsoft.NET technology. The platform helps organisations automate and streamline the lifecycle of credit and debit card, direct debit and direct credit payments processes. Now, with SEPA and SWIFT functionality, the system can process multiple payment types, including European and international transactions through a single user interface.

Karen Cone, general manager, worldwide financial services at Microsoft, said: “SEPA still poses significant challenges for banks and corporations to provide seamless payments integration and validations. The Microsoft platform delivers a solid and secure foundation for developing innovative industry solutions that meet the critical needs brought about by sweeping changes in the payments landscape.”


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