Tieto Launches Transaction Banking Delivery Solution

Tieto, a European IT services company, has launched a new integrated payments offering. Targeted at both major international banks as well as smaller finance firms, the transaction banking delivery solution supports all part of a bank’s transaction business.

This new offering integrates business messages and connectivity to provide the operational framework to support a wide range of financial transaction automation systems and services. This includes e-invoicing and e-ordering, making and collecting payments (including both buyer-to-supplier and interbank) and two functional areas for managing personal finances and corporate cash and liquidity. The final element in the financial processing chain is financing for both consumer and corporate clients.

Mats Wikström, director of transaction banking at Tieto, said: “Although Tieto has successfully been offering services and solutions to address these issues for some time, what’s new is that we have now put the different extended payment components together into one end-to-end offering where unique synergies and values are created. The solution draws on our experience of providing extended payments systems throughout Europe.”


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