Surecomp Launches mobile@allNETT for Managing Trade Finance

Surecomp, a provider of global trade solutions for the financial services community, has launched mobile@allNETT, an application for managing trade finance transactions on smart mobile devices. An optional module of allNETT (version 4.0), mobile@allNETT enables users of Surecomp’s web-based trade finance front-end system to manage trade finance transactions while on the go.

mobile@allNETT allows users to access, track and manage varied trade finance transactions including letters of credit (LCs), guarantees and collections. By delivering relevant marketing content directly to users’ mobile devices, the application helps banks strengthen their brand and improve customer satisfaction. mobile@allNETT currently operates on iPod Touch 2G/3G/4G and iPhone 3G/3GS/4G devices [with iOS 4.0 and up].

“With the release of mobile@allNETT and allNETT V4.0, corporate trade finance has entered a new era of enhanced convenience and efficiency,” said Surecomp chairman Joel Koschitzky. “By harnessing the power and flexibility of smart mobile devices, mobile@allNETT empowers corporate users to manage their current trade finance transactions around the clock and in real time.”


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