SEB Among Nordic Top Five in Actions Against Climate Change

SEB is one of the top five best performing companies against climate change in the Nordic countries, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

SEB achieved the A rating in CDP’s new index, CPLI, measuring companies’ actions reducing carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. SEB is also ranked number 12 in the CDLI, covering 200 companies, regarding companies’ measuring and reporting of carbon dioxide emissions.

“We have high ambitions for our sustainability efforts. It is therefore gratifying that the CDP has recognised that our work is on track. However, there is much left to do. The process of integrating sustainability into our business is a job that really never ends,” said Bo Magnusson, SEB’s executive vice president (EVP) and chairman of the bank’s sustainability committee.

To develop strategies to address climate change is one of the bank’s business priorities and includes both SEB’s direct and indirect impact on the environment. Since 2009, SEB has a target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its own operations by 45% by 2015. SEB is also a climate compensated company under the Kyoto Protocol.


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