UKFast Moves Hosting into Carbon Neutral Territory

UKFast has launched UKFast Energy and achieved carbon neutral status for not only its own business, but also all hosting solutions it provides. This is a significant environmental step taken by a top tier UK hosting provider in what is one of the world’s most power hungry industries.

Summary of main points:

  • UKFast is 100% carbon neutral both at its offices and data centres.
  • All client solutions are also 100% carbon neutral (free of charge).
  • All new clients will gain carbon neutral hosting (free of charge).
  • UKFast is the first hosting provider to achieve PAS 2060 certification.
  • UKFast Energy begins work on a series of hydroelectric power plants.
  • MaNOC3 data centre will reduce energy consumption significantly, helping to beat UK targets.

The announcement comes as the company prepares to bring online a new data centre in the Manchester area. Achieving sustainability for the longer-term means UKFast Energy has begun a three-step plan that will see in-house generation of ‘clean energy’ through the production of hydroelectric power plants in Wales and Scotland.

Managing director Lawrence Jones believes that leaders within the technology industry have a responsibility to lead the charge for sustainable IT. “UKFast’s new data centre will assist with the reduction of our overall power consumption and contribute toward the UK target to keep global temperature increase below the two degree Celsius threshold. If we can achieve this across the board we can help to stave off the worst effects of climate change,” he said.


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