Direct Debit Limited Launches Faster Payments Module

Direct Debit Limited, the Bacs-approved payments-management software provider, has launched a Faster Payments module for its PayCentre payments platform. Customers can use the module to make Faster Payments via direct corporate access (DCA).

The new module allows businesses to take advantage of Faster Payments, which gives them another option for paying suppliers and employees. The module makes it easy to submit files to the UK’s clearing and settlement mechanism, Vocalink, via Secure-IP, for same day clearing.

Using DCA, businesses with Barclays Corporate sponsorship can make individual payments of up to £100,000 and can submit files up to 11pm. Businesses using the DCA service must have Bacs-approved software, such as Direct Debit Limited’s PayCentre, in place.

“We are very pleased with the considerable interest we are seeing for DCA, especially in light of the new longer payment submission window,” said Marcus Bateman, senior product manager, corporate payments product, cash and trade, Barclays Corporate.


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