mPayy Expands Service to Include Pre-paid Debit and Payroll Cards

mPayy, a secure online and mobile debit payment network, has enabled pre-paid debit card usage on its network. mPayy members can now load funds to, and fund payments from, their pre-paid debit cards via the mPayy network.

mPayy issues accounts to both consumers and businesses, and settles transactions via the automated clearing house (ACH) network. mPayy does not use the Visa/MasterCard networks.

mPayy also provides free accounts that can be used to make online and mobile payments by the banked and under-banked alike. Adding ACH-enabled pre-paid debit cards, mPayy makes it even simpler for those who do not have, or choose not to have, bank accounts to send money to friends and family including students, military, the elderly, and riders of public transit systems.

“mPayy seeks to provide the simplest, most secure and convenient payments. Adding pre-paid debit cards to the mix expands our offering for the unbanked and opening up the world of mobile payments to those who do not have a chequing account,” said mPayy chief executive officer (CEO) Conrad Sheehan.


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