ABN Amro Uses Surecomp’s allNETT to Renew Trade Finance Operations

Dutch bank ABN Amro Bank has licensed allNETT, Surecomp’s web-based trade finance front-end solution for banks and their corporate customers.

allNETT is a Java J2EE web-based, 24/7 multi-customer, multi-entity solution for both initiating trade finance transactions and extracting wide-ranging inquiries and reports. allNETT makes the corporate processing of letters of credit (LCs) more efficient by eliminating all manual activities previously associated with such transactions.

With allNETT, ABN Amro will be able to react to the evolving requirements of the fast-paced corporate world by offering an attractive, easy-to-learn and cost-saving solution. Acknowledged as a ‘green’ solution, allNETT eliminates costs associated with the creation of LCs and guarantees and enhances the paperless office concept.

“In the banking industry, innovation is becoming increasingly critical for effectively responding to the needs of corporate customers in multiple locations in real time,” said Surecomp chairman Joel Koschitzky. “allNETT joins the arsenal of innovative solutions at the disposal of ABN Amro as it seeks to enhance its recognised brand name and enable its corporate customers to stake leadership positions in their respective markets.”


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